Check our topic where we talk about our LocalWavesNode Token. The Token that will give you 2% of what our node mine. :arrow_right: LWN Token. Rewards LIFETIME


:rocket: We just made the payment to the holders of the LocalWavesNode Token. You can get the token in the Waves DEX. :calendar: Remember, next payment to the holders March 3.


We have just reward our holders of LocalWavesNode.
@Parvez you aren’t holder.
If you want to get our tokens you have 2 ways:
a) Mantain your leasing with us for 6 months
b) Buy our token in DEX: find LocalWavesNode / WAVES at 0.21 WAVES per token

You can hold the token or sell it when you want.


:tada:We have forged an alliance with the Token eCredit and from now on every Tuesday our leaser will receive 100 eCredit in its wallet. :tada: :point_right:t3:Do not stay behind and lease with us: 3P5hx8Lw6nCYgFkQcwHkFZQnwbfF7DfhyyP


Hello I need your help, I sent the waves in the traditional way and they were transferred to your wallet, I did not send as a leasing.

This was the transaction:


Can you give me back? I send it right.


:moneybag: Like every 3rd of every month, we have done the payment and the deliver of the LocalWavesNode token. If you want to make this token that will give you a percentage of what our node mine monthly you only have to do leasing with us or buy it in the Waves DEX. :hugs: