LocalWavesNode offers LIFETIME rewards to its leasers.


The distribution of rewards is simple, 98% will go to the leasers and the other 2% will go to the owners of our LocalWavesNode (LWN) Tokens.

So if I haven´t got waves doing leasing, will I still receive the rewards?
Exactly. :moneybag:

To receive LWN Tokens, just lease with us and, after 6 months, you will receive the same number of tokens that waves you deposited in our node and having those tokens will offer you additional benefits. Minimum contribution is 10 WAVES to receive LocalWavesNode tokens.

:white_check_mark: Benefits

  • Rewards every week.
  • Rewards even if you aren´t leasing.
  • Rewards for recommending our node.

:arrow_right: More information: Web and Twitter.

Our Telegram with real-time forging fees


Goodluck with the node!


Many thanks :smiley:


Our Telegram :airplane:with real-time forging fees in https://t.me/localwavesnode or @localwavesnode