Luxtrade official token

        Asset ID          : 34oUTgXAqoLCKX5hq3xhPvK6gdMH4mCCDQKyTk9939h4            
        Name              : Luxtrade                  
        Issuer              : 3P83y9e1SGGkP1KtEbwxxGZNonDUQyFsCDB                     
        Reissuable      : False                                                   
        Decimals         : 8                                                       
        Total supply     : 10000000                                         

Description: the project is to have a token dedicated to our exchange, it was created using smart control asset technology on the waves dex platform, where an intelligent price and order time control script was added. The duration of orders is a maximum of 24 hours and the starting price of 0.5 waves and each day rises 0.1 waves. Total supply is 10 million, 1.000,000 will be available for exclusive sale to customers for 90 days at the price of 0.1 waves. once purchased you will be able to trade on both exchanges: or



Our Official luxtrade token has been listed:

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