Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) The Next Bitcoin - Airdrops Plus Millionaire Challenge


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Great Project.
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Good day admin, I only received 10mgold to my wave address. How can I get 10,000mgold before the giant train move on.
Here my wave address 3P4LFwZtfnufUr8Max1g6NizeYipcxss7w9 Thanks


Thanks a lot. You can GET and HOLD more MGOLD at DEX Exchange Now:


Thanks sir, please I need some help from you. Am a newbie in wave platform so I have check how to buy mgold but am not see it on trade. Can you kindly pls give me some little guidelines or step to buy mgold.
Thanks. And pls can I view the white paper or road map for mgold.

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Just Add Asset inside or search for Maharlikan Gold insde DEX Exchange:

You can find more info and goldpaper at the website:


excelente proyecto éxitos una Venezolana muy entusiasmada que Dios bendiga este proyecto 0xF9661DE62Ce64115fA903c105645A7da423d0908


Thanks. Please provide an MGOLD/Waves wallet not an Ethereum wallet…


Participo en el airdrops cumpli con todas las tareas esta es mi cuenta en Waves 3PQeK5oQx8DZMEe6jq3EfHcXKCY5SaSQSuw la otra era de ETH de blockchain


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