Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) The Next Bitcoin - Airdrops Plus Millionaire Challenge


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wave wallet- 3PBaPwfRoN2chQG6uwmLXDPiMgKUBEpNFi3


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wave wallet- 3PBaPwfRoN2chQG6uwmLXDPiMgKUBEpNFi3


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wave wallet- 3PBaPwfRoN2chQG6uwmLXDPiMgKUBEpNFi3


I need an expert to guide me on how and where to get the Wave token if it’s still available. How much is the Wave token, and what is the minimum purchase? I need clarification! Thank you.




Thanks already sent over max airdrops…


Where is the link or address to buy inside Wave?


Where is the link or address to buy inside Waves DEX Exchange. Please guide


You do not have an active chat and you want to buy someone MGOLD. Do an active chat (discord, telegram (do not mute)) and attract other investors and then you may be lucky. But 1 $ is a great dream and hard to accomplish without you having material support. And I do not compare MGOLD with XRP. You are in the phase of a maximum of one thousand dollars and they have hundreds of millions of capital and over one million members (and they are in almost all exchanges).


Open an Account at Waves DEX Exchange then go to Assets.

You can buy Waves inside Waves DEX Exchange using your Visa or Master Card . Just click Receive and choose Card for funding:




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Nice project!