Masternode Brasil


Pool name:

Address for leasing:


Payment policy:

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers:

Pool Representatives:
Tiago das Neves Rodrigues - CEO MasternodeBrasil, network administrator
[email protected]

Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Feature voting policy:
Leasers decide how to vote.

Other Details:
Involved in the world of cryptomoedas, Masternode Brazil detains servers in Brazil and has been gaining community recognition by offering full Node services, mining pools and masternodes.


Community Nodes Program

Great to see a Waves Node from Brazil.
I’d suggest you change your payment policy to weekly or even fortnightly, otherwise you’ll pay more fees than actual rewards are distributed.
Good Luck!


Thanks for the tip. The payment policy has already been changed to monthly.


Pls how do I join this leasing


Open your Waves Wallet, click on the leasing tab and send to the address of our Waves Node: 3P837XD4EnLYmzAWgXGqLmThE3UFPQtRxyD

Usually take 1000 blocks. You can always check the current status in Waves explorer.

Monthly (day 1) we distribute the rewards directly to your address.



Today 11/09/2018 we will be updating our Node Waves and voting on the activation of SmartContracts in Waves’ Blockchain.

For Waves Holders who wish to do Leasing to our Node this is our website.


A Masternode Brasil está fazendo um ótimo trabalho de divulgação da Waves no Brasil. Eu espero que o seu node consiga muitos leasing.

Masternode Brasil is doing a great job of promoting Waves in Brazil. I hope your node gets a lot of leasing.


Almost 10k $Waves on the Node in a few days of operation. Amazing work!


Thanks for the help guys, we have reached 25K of Waves on Leasing.


Congratulations :clap:


Thank you my friend!


Ola pessoa !!! Legal encontrar um node brasileiro !!! Possuem algum grupode whatsapp ou algo assim ? Como posso colaborar?


Olá seja bem vindo a comunidade Hugor!
Grupo do Telegram
Grupo do WhatsApp