MGOLD - The Next Bitcoin

Please fix the price MGOLD otherwise we dump until zero and that would be negative for all investors. I dont care who between MGOLD and Zesfresh is messing with price of token. All I say is if MGOLD is found to be responsible for all this low price shit…then we dump and he will eat his token for breakfast. But here I blame MGOLD for not answering logical questions from Zesfresh because what Zesfresh is proving is right. And you MGOLD you think rational let your spirit rise on anger for what? We need answers here and money not bullshit attitude. Trading is about money and nothing else. The way I see it is that even you hold MGOLD for ten years it wont profit anyone looking at the attitude from MGOLD. MGOLD we are not dummies here…we about money and trust because this is not child play at all. So buckle up be responsible and transparent.

Please direct your inquiry directly to the website support:

project millionnaire dead or can get up?

I buy more to go to the moon

what happens to mgold???

Can i ask a link to see holder MGold?

День добрый!Ребят как думаете поднимать проект?

Any News or Dead Project?

For important inquiry please contact the website directly or for announcements you may visit their volunteer FB page at:

very good your project.

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500 Million x $0.002 Future Price = $1 Million


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