Micro coin MRC


Airdrop coming soon… 1st Jun 2019
Micro coin MRC
First hundred people will be given free token to MRC coin

Hello I have created Micro coin token. I will ship 100 pairs of mans socks to the man who send me (3P68aVnN9gKPhdkUshk7ecP8TdPJMaexvdE) 150 Micro coin token… You can write shipping adress via forum message or you can attach your message while transfering the Micro coin token
MRC Micro coin Token Holders will be given 25% Extra TokenPreformatted text


Thank you Johnson bro


150 micro token sent


on forum cannot be vylazhivat street address. how can I send you the address to receive coins.


How to claim the airdrop for the micro coin?


send me wallet address. will be automated climax.
if You Buy Micro coin 25% extra token


where can I send you the address ? according to the rules of the forum topics you can not put address block.


If you have written this message, you should make your address sand at the same place


Joining the Airdrops,
Wish you luck with your project


I’ve sent my wallet address to you in a private message