Millions of volumes in 1 minute



How to create huge volums in one minute with only 18 waves? :thinking:

Easy! Easy! Just sell out to yourself! :partying_face:

Every night in the JOOPS circus arena for DEX-village beings! Come see our performance:

see more details in Waves Explorer :eyes: Link to Waves Explorer
:warning: :red_circle: :warning: remark: Sender === Recipient

for example this transaction:


So, what is the problem?

You just burn your waves as fees. Thanks.


problem is: a fake value of volume for the coin, manipulation.

This is a warning post about JOOPS coins for get community attention. Someone is not fair play.


Where? Why?

Do you think it is even possible to monitor as a fake or block? I can do the same in many ways better than self-to-self trading. Imagine my 1000 bots trading with themselves. Would it be more fair? Why?

Do you think there are absolutely real numbers on other exchanges and pairs?


Definitely, I don’t think so. Unfortunately, this is normal for crypto market. I try to discuss this and emphasize - this is not a good practice.

In addition, this is not a very good practice in the Surge coin, when DEX allows an over-the-counter transaction between a specific seller and a buyer, but the results of the transaction are included in DEX exchange statistics of the coin. Details:

We need to discuss these points in order to form a community culture. Human being is social and community rules can have power and influence on these processes.


Look at your topic start, maybe you should started with that instead of clickbait?


maybe you are right :thinking: