Mobile Apps Feature Requests


When an ordered filled, a notification will be good to follow up.


Pincode request is a must as I understand to enchance security but it reallu takes time to enter it every time


Mobile app, quick pay feature

This morning I became aware of a new feature from my bank with my mobile banking app. On my home screen, when my phone is asleep, I can set up a “quick pay” widget. If I select it, it quickly scans my fingerprint to log in and then opens my banking app to scan a QR code for payment. This is a way to do cardless payments and very convenient.

My suggestion is to allow the mobile Waves app to have this widget feature, but with the following restrictions…

  1. Each individual waves account needs to have this settings enabled on the device so you can choose what wallet allows this.

  2. A limit is set for transactions by user . So for example only 10 waves max per transaction.

  3. Restrictions to what tokens can be used for quick pay. For example, waves only, or a list of pre-approved tokens the user has defined.


Thank you very much for your idea :fire:
We are already planning something similar for our users.


This feature will be available in the upcoming release :handshake:


Awesome! I wish more apps would support this scanning.