More comfortable work with orders


If you cancel the order, then those from below just jump after some time.

This is especially inconvenient when you need to cancel multiple orders. You should to search orders again that you want to cancel.

Developers can solve this problem very simply. After canceling the order, free space appears instead.

And after the cursor leaves this window, the remaining orders simply smoothly rise to their place.

Another idea is that when you click on your order in the “Order Book”, the same order is highlighted in “My Open Orders”


I was thinking the same few days ago.

An alternative solution could be adding a checkbox to cancel multiple orders.

Also they could allow cancellation directly from the order book.


Hello, Imborsh and Angry_Panda_ROAR.
If I understood you properly, the order canceling happens without any visual signs ?
Actually it is a good idea to add some animations, we will discuss it asap, and hope we can implement it in future
Thank you