Munacoin ongoing listing in exchange

Please enter the market to support the success of the list of munacoin to exchange coins that we publish on the WAVES platform with a total supply of 10,000,000 Muna Coin tokens. to support voting coin 100 account support is required at a price of Vote 0.20000 Coin WAVES, for friends who support can see at this link and select vote MUNA token and we will send token 100 munacoin token to Waves your wallet. by pasting a screenshot in the comments of this post and the Waves address of your wallet, you have chosen a vote.

By supporting the munacoin coin voting, we will send 100 munacoin tokens to your Waves wallet after review, for your support. thank you very much, and the munacoin token can be purchased now at the Waves exchange application

For info or contact relationships, you can contact us here for future advancements to this virtual currency.

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Ok, thank you…
I will join


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