Mushroom Growth Investment Vehicle MGIV

MGIV stands for Mushroom Growth Investment Vehicle 160,000 will be sold to raise capital for growing and selling mushroom to restaurants and farmers markets, 160,000 out of 400,000 will be sold representing 40% share of the total profit after expense of materials, any tokens bought back reduces the share in dividends for profit. dividends will be paid out twice a year only when turning a significant profit and return and when operations are running smooth

the plan is to acquire equipment for a good operation that consistently produces mushrooms for Restaurants, farmers markets, open markets and schools, the money raised goes into purchasing a system to maintain the clean environment e. sterilisation systems, gloves, boots, bags, sawdust, straw, mushroom pellets, marketing with a goal of running a operation to grow high quality sustainable mushrooms for a high profit, when researching the business model on the net, one woman nets 50% profit from her business, which is a higher return therefore this is not a get rich quick scheme but a one to two year hold while we gain the investment needed to implement the system, the will be a marketing agenda to sell the token that will be offline and we also left a e-mail, that has a password discrepancy inside the the token contract due to the e-mail having a password discrepancy and recovery problems, we cannot answer your e-mails but any questions we will answer inside the forum instead.

raising £50,000 will be enough to implement a system that will generate enough money and correct environment to produce 50% profit, therefore tokens are to be sold at 1.5 waves because agents will be selling the token door to door and therefore need commission as well.

160,000 will be sold at 1.5 waves and 240,000 will never be sold but kept as a representation to justify what profits will be paid in percentages. if you only own 40% by buying 160,000 then you will be paid 40% of the profits after expense when the operation is running properly, and when tokens are bought out they will be bought out with the extra 55% percent because 5% will go back into the WTIP asset.

if the waves price increases to a higher level then the price to waves will come down as we only need to raise X amount of capitol if the waves price goes down the price will go up.

we recommend if buying MGIV to hold for a at least two years, because that might be how long everything takes to start seeing prosperity.

Today i went out to promote the token, and even though nobody has yet learned how to buy the token i’m going to continue to promote door to door before expanding back onto online to build trust. we promoted both tokens and will see if anybody buys but have to continue also picked up on a random signal to print off a poster with extra instructions.

Currently you can buy MGIV for 1.50 Waves to raise enough capitol to gain marketing materials to produce enough produce to gain a decent return