My token was eliminated


I am writing to the community about this situation.
A few days ago, I created a token and the next day they disappeared; that is, all created tokens. If someone has suffered the same problem, please contact me or write a response to solve this situation. So far, the waves team has not answered my questions. Thank you


At least you should provide a source address of your token issue.


This is my address: 3PArrGX7JBq8g2F5uxmGegWrJbcEhgsNkjm


Your token doesn’t lost,
and your creating this cryptopeso, it is in your wallet


@Emerson, this address issued 2 tokens: Alfacake and cryptopeso.

The second one is on the spamlist, that is why you do not see it, check your spam tab in your wallet.

So your token was not eliminated, it was considered spam.

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Confuse message was not posted?
What did I do rong?
Thanks Eric