Mytracknet - The Lost And Found Network With Incentives For The Participants -


Hello waves community!
My name is Dimitris Moschos i am the founder of Mytracknet, which is the global unified network with incentives for the participants, based on the power of people and Bluetooth and blockchain technology.



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Android users can download and test our beta release
(Beta testers will need some testnet waves to issue a valuable as lost. You can get some here!)


Your idea is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I never heard of that before!


I have tried the beta release of the android application and it is cool!
I cannot wait for the official release!

Keep up the good work!


Hi, I took the time to create an account to write here and I will be 100% honest …

I have a friend who knows Dimitris (the mastermind of the project) and he told me about mytracknet way before they win the first place on the Waves contest. So I follow more or less this project from the beginning…

I was kind of disappointed with the progress of 2018. And that wasn’t just me…The price of mtnt reflect that. I know @Dim, 2018 gave us a bear market and the drop of the price wasn’t only because of the slow progress… But it is adding up… bear market+slow progress = no profits for us. I really want you to be faster on deliverables.

Fortunately from the beginning of this year, i see things are changing… I can now see the progress i wanted to see in 2018. Or more of what i was waiting… In telegram once you told us, you have ready different parts of the projects and you are connecting these together. Now i see what you meant with that. But!!! you need to be fast connecting these. I like the progress of the project now… Nice web site, new videos with explanations of how we can use the platform, referral system(this is one of my favorite moves you did and you can count on me for a good flow of collaborations and users), tracker, beta application… The beta release 100% needs at least minor changes, but i will not be harsh with that. It is a nice application and i hope those changes will be addressed within the beta).

I cannot describe how BIG Mytracknet can be… There are rumors about Apple making a Bluetooth tracker. This means Apple will build what you are building, without rewards and without the no-tracker usage. Which means you saw the potentials before them and thanks to waves blockchain, and apple’s fear of crypto, mytracknet can be better from an Apple’s product. That is not something usual for crypto projects.

You do have a small community and this needs to change. You can work with Waves for that, they have the people and the funds to support you and I am sure they will… Ask for waves grant and for marketing ASAP! On the positive side this small community is the best i have see in my 4 years of crypto life. Everybody support you and believe in you, including me. Do not disappoint us!!!

Your impatience patience whale.


Thank you @pcont @arcrypt and special thanks to your elaborated view into our project @JaS. I ll give you some insights on that.

I do not think you are right here. As you are saying a bit later, 2018 was the year that most of the development happened. We had to build a strong base and that doesn’t mean only the software and the hardware. A lot of things was made into the networking and business development of the project even if I do not announce every move of it. Do not get me wrong I am not saying that we were fast but in my opinion it wasn’t “dissapointing”.

2018 steps

  • Proof of concept version of software
  • Hardware design and first test concepts production
  • Presence in many different events some of them as a presenter of mtnt or in panels. Among those events i presented Mytracknet to the official Hellenic Blockchain Association and i gave my spot to the former minister of economy that i had the chance to talk with after the presentations. At another panel i was there with three well known in the area of Blockchain people among them an IBM leader discussing the opportunities of the blockchain.
  • Among other presentations in many closed an open groups and events I presented Mytracknet live on Skai (maybe the biggest TV channel in Greece) at one of their most successful timezones. In case you are not from Greece i want to tell you that tv channels never talk about blockchain and as long as i am aware Mytracknet introduced the first blockchain project into the eyes of everyday people. Exactly what we are going to do very soon but this time with our software ready to roll.
  • Many other things very important for the future of the project that i cannot just reveal.

I cannot describe how much i agree with you.

I know and i am happy with the free marketing they are going to provide to the bluetooth tracking industry. The time is now!

I am doing my best to not only don’t dissapoint you but do exactly the opposite… And that’s why the referral system was introduced, so you can help us to grow fast and to get returns from that too!

Thank you very much for your honest feedback. I ll be here or in the telegram impatience :whale: !


You can have a look at the video explaining the tracker usage here
And the manual mode here


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Really love the Project! and of-course the referral program that they set up for their loyal investors, you can’t influence the crypto market, but you can keep you’re community happy with this kind of actions.

Keep up the good job!


Thank you for the support!

You can have a look at our new article about the mytracknet token ($mTNT) usage here!


An interesting read about Mytracknet.


A sneak peek of our hardware development!


A WavesDapp Media talk between Tim Rainer & Dimitris Moschos


very good your project, add in our exchange, or [email protected] we have two ways of listing