New crypto on zarra on waves



There are new listed coin on the platform which is Zarra Token which newly released this MAY…

The supply details are -

  • Total supply 16million Zarra
  • Circulating Supply of 6 Million

10 Million supply from
Which provides the benefits to traders as

  • Staking and instant trade to btc. Using the mother coins named Golda
  • Perpetual Contract of Long And Short terms
  • 1click trader

Which liaised with bitmex… You can gained zarra and also buy trading robots and run it on bitmex.

Zarra on bitmex with robot performance
From 0.19btc to 50btc.

The proof of robot trades on bitmex as below

Feel free to check and try to have it while its still on the lowest price.


Zaria will be looms . How much circulation supply sir.


Circulating supply of 6million zarra… thanks


Wow… Good performance robot generate Btc 50btc with Zarra…


Looks great this potential new zarra token…

Hey dude… How bout your target price for future and how long time do you expect it will be reach that price… Tq


10usd 1st target I think.


Sounds interesting! Huge profits for a new listed crypto I guess…

With this bullish trending rite now, I hope to get some good profit returns in a short time perhaps…


Pump token… Ur btc can generate with zarra…


I can’t find any info about it. Can someone share a link or tell in more detail?


Zarra is the token on waves blockchain…

You can try to refer to where we are on a huge community which using golda and converting the golda to zarra and zarra to golda.

Info as per given above and yet will be listed on upcoming planning to other exc as well


THIS is an example for those who invest minimums of 5000 zarra on waves which will get auto robot run. The proof of zarra performance from 0.19btc up to 50btc


Buy zarra And Hodl… 3 or 6 month looms


Thank you very much! I’ll check it for sure!