New DEX - gathering feedback


Hi, guys!
We have taken into account your feedback about DEX UI. We will implement it in June. If you have any ideas about new DEX please write it here.


I like the the new design a lot better. I only think the upper left side (pairs) should be more user friendly. As more pairs get added it should be easier to select your tradingpairs (or find markets for tradingpairs you don’t know). Now it feels like many people only use the default pairs and the pairs you need to add manually or search manually are barely used.


Hi Tatiana,

New design looks much better. I hope, columns would be resizable at some time.


ATM we must right click with the mouse for selecting technical indicators etc.
For the people who are already known with tradingview charts this is no problem, but maybe it’s possible to add an button above the chart for technical indicators so it’s easier for new users to see that they are available.

Also i don’t know if it’s noticed yet but if i select for example bollinger bands they are not good displayed on the chart. This counts also for moving averages etc. For people who wants to trade on the dex are the technical indicators an important tool.

Further the dex looks great and i like it to make use of it.


Hey, thank you for your feedback!

In the new list, pairs will be sorted by volume. It will not be a constant pairs list. By the way, the new more useful filter will be implemented in this block.

But if you want to have a custom list you can use the Favorite list for this.


create certain markets like other centralized exchanges {waves, usd, euro, wtry, btc, eth} then sort pairs by volume. It will be complicated for us not having certain market. There are many pairs.


Ok, got it! Thank you


Then scam projects will come on top since markets can be wash traded which already heavy happens on the dex.


It is not a big change, tatiana said it will be directly sorted with volume without any specific market I just added certain markets. Also, easy to solve, non verified tokens will not be listed :wink:


There is no verification anymore… So this is a bit unfair…


Like this:


Exactly, seems great.
One more suggestion, market orderbook is important for trader, it is not much detailed here. In this place, market depth making orderbook much smaller. Could you change it’s place? You can use it with chart as a replaceable. I want to see two button, one of them for market chart, one for market depth.
Plus, I suggested that before, in first beta test; can you make orderbook more understandable with giving a name for “Buy” and “Sell” order. Difficult to understand from colors. "red " “blue”.


A lot better! Maybe also make buttons for fiat pairs?


That will be here:


Yep, we will add hints in an order book. And I will think about market depth in the same place with the chart, thanks.


I agree with you. My tokens are not verified and I am not scam project. I am told tokens are no longer being verified, so does that mean I won’t be listed? How to promote project if I am not listed?


Yes you will be able to be finded on your new in the new client. However, keep in mind token duplicates can happen, so because of this, you should ALWAYS share assetId to buyers, investors and everyone involved in the project. Remember the assetId can’t be faked.


@tatiana The thing that I would like to see personally is extra digits for fiat values. Not every token/coin have $0.01 value as min. It’s same on DEX panel and Portfolio tabs. If something is valued around $0.0025, you see it as “0”.


@tatiana use only one based price to calculate volume. Waves, btc or usd.But usd seems better than other options. Don’t make it complicated.


I agree with you. I think we will do it.