New DEX - gathering feedback


Yes, WAVES will be used. We have decided now. Thank you.


Could you read this proposition - DEX - Allow to chose BASE currency?


Was looking at this tweet and it’s replies:

Is it possible to highlight the alias feature a bit more in the client and DEX?


Yes! It’s a good proposal.


Aliases make the life for all the devs around waves harder tho :smiley:
Especially since the waves node sees a tx to a certain alias as another receiver then to an addr.
So maybee it would be nice if something in the tx data changed that both alias and addr were showed.


I think it could be better to put trade history under the order book :point_up_2:, because it is related to it (in the position where now there is market depth).

My open orders, My trade history and My balance are in a perfect position. :ok_hand:

And to move market depth under the graph, with an expanding botton. So we can see it bigger. :eyes:


Thank you. Got it :slight_smile:


green and red for up and down candles makes more sense and goes with what everyone globally is used too. also I like being able to see two base pairs like waves pairs on top left and bitcoin pairs on bottom left at the same time, it helps alert me of price arbitrage opportunities or major moves