New Exchange, specializing in tokens waves



Hello, we are currently giving priority to tokens waves, at you will have two options for listing by voting calling your community to vote, or for payment, we are very good price for tokens waves. Contact us and we will negotiate.

currently we have 7 markets: BTC, LTC, WAVES, DOGECOIN, CDEX, XVG OR DGB

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Contact: [email protected]

Promotion for listing new tokens waves.

Make us a visit:


New tokens added to the vote are: APPRéCIé, TNRCASH, WGIC and Llifycoin, help in voting on the link:


Ótima plataforma parabéns pelo projeto


thanks for your partnership, and trust in our platform, we are in the beginning of battle, but together we can survive in this world of cryptocurrencies.


I sent you an email with respect to xandereum. Hope you received it?