New "FelschR's Node" live - looking for interested lessors


UPDATE 2018-11-25: I’m shutting down the leasing node due to lack of lessors.

Hey everyone!

I’ve just setup a Waves node a couple of days ago:

While the node is up and running I’d like to start mining with it.
Currently I am leasing 84 of my own Waves to it (I plan on buying more). For the node to be able to mine it needs 1000 Waves. I’ll be very grateful for any support!

Waves alias for leasing is:


Once mining is starting the payout is going to be 95 % of all profits on a weekly basis.
It’s very likely that I’ll increase this after mining the first few blocks and seeing how everything goes.

There will be no extra tokens, airdrops or anything thelike. I’m just a passionate dude who wants to support the Waves Platform :slight_smile:
I will be voting for features that I think help the Waves Platform. Later I might allow lessors to vote on these.

Thank you for any support!

UPDATE 2018-09-18: Minimum amount of Waves reached.


Very fast! Congrats and good luck with your node :hugs:


Advertise your node in the Leasing Pools forum category :wink:

Welcome and good luck!


I would like to. But it says the following in the requirements:
“Leasing pool should be already functioning, generated at least 10 blocks during last 30 days and made at least 2 regular payouts”

It’ll take a while until we reach those 10 blocks.

Also thank you for the nice words :slight_smile: @Angry_Panda_ROAR,


We’ve found our very first block earlier this week and payouts have been done today!
You can see for yourself via the Waves Explorer.


Is it worth to lease 5k Waves and earn 1 waves/week?

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