New Full Node Waves Lease 2GO

Lease your Waves
Lease your Waves To WAWES LEASE 2GO and get weekly rewards! By leasing you help to secure the Waves blockchain and get rewarded!

Lease your Waves now

Waves Lease 2GO details
– Powerful and optimized server
– No registration needed
– Weekly payment!

Minimum amount of Waves
There is no minimum amount of Waves you can lease.

Is it safe?
Yes! 100% safe. We are just a node where you can lease your Waves for rewards. Your Waves will always stay in your wallet and we can’t spend them. By only one click, you will get your Waves back in your wallet.

How to lease Waves

STEP 1. Go to your Waves wallet (Lite Client) and open the leasing tab and lease your waves to our node: 3PHv3euMzB4FCbzHeq4DZ1ynau4bNHrNLkB

STEP 2. Wait! Leasing become active after 1000 blocks. 1000 blocks is around 16 hours. After 1000 blocks, your balance will start to generate rewards for you.

This is a newly generated node.
All the configuration and payments is the default.
We hope to gather the initial 1000 waves soon.

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Nice to see a new node!
To convince leasers it might be good to create a nice website and to tell them more about your ideas, plans and payment %.

This node is only to help the network. i get 0 from the node :slight_smile:
and all the configuration is default configuration nodes.
So there is no plans to make money etc… you can lease you amount to any node and get same % but probably is good idea to have more small nodes instead of few big nodes.
Each time when the node will get more then sufucient waves i will install 1 more node with same config and also post here the address… and you can check wallet and choise node

The main goal is to create more and more nodes for the waves network and try to make this network bigger.
For now i have nodes with 0 balance and generating 0 income… i have them only for tat… and i’m not traing to get income from that.
If someone also want to install nodes just to help the network and the idea is the same they can post leasing address here, but please no spammers or scamers.

Also if someone need help with new node configuration they can send me pm with questions and i can help them ( for free ) :slight_smile:
It’s very easy and only config file can generate some questions :slight_smile: .

Also i’m thinking to add some website with node autoconfig tool or probably some scrypt alowing any user to configure and run the node with few clicks ( but for now i’m not sure if people need it, i found that the node is very easy to be configured with only few lines for linux server)