New scam type


They are called Nucleum, FluorinΣ, Europium or Aergo. One day you look on your Waves account and they are there. A gift, an airdrop: it’s great.

But this gift is poisoned. Your unknown “benefactor” would like to extract your Waves.

Attracted by the good deal, you want to sell one of these tokens and get some Waves. Problem, someone sells several hundred million for the price of 0.00000001 WAVES. If you look good, a lot of people are selling millions of this token.

Instead of selling, you say that at 0.00000001 WAVES the unit is not expensive and you can buy a few millions hoping to see the price go up. A good investment, in short.

BING, you fell into the panel. The person who created this token is the one who sells these thousands of millions of tokens.

Nucleum: 6,192.8M @ 0.00000001
FluorinΣ: 7,164.0M @ 0.00000001
Europium: 6,135.2M @ 0.00000001
Aergo: 12.959.0M @ 0.00000001

These tokens are worthless and will never be worth anything. Do not get fooled!

And here is one of the accounts that generates these tokens and sends them to you: