Node.Monster Leasing Pool


Pool name:
Node.Monster Leasing Pool

Address for leasing:

Telegram Chat:

Payment policy:

What’s yours is yours. 100% of income received from a lesser’s tokens goes to the lesser in Waves.
Super Pize! The early bird gets the worm. 90% of income received from the Game of Nodes prize will be distributed throughout the year among the Node.Token holders. Node.Tokens will be sent to all participants on 18/09. We sell MRT tokens, hold it in node balance. Leasers get Node.Monster tokes by rate of 500 tokens for each mined block. The earlier you lease, the more you receive during the year.
Zero fees. 0% fees for administering the node or lessers money. 0 (Zero) payout transaction fee. Node pays all the fees for the lessers.
Time is money. Payouts are once a week on Tuesdays till 23:59:59.
Waves Compound Magic. Grow profits through re-investing earned money. If you leave the earned money you’ll get 6% of interest on it. Compound interests can considerably multiply your profits from leasing with Node Monster. (More on this will be published soon on our website and telegram
Whales are welcome. Special conditions for big leasers! 111% income or some other bonuses. Please contact telegram @NodeMonster directly
NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN CRYPTOLESING! Referral program reward. Get an additional 30% of your referrals income + one-time bonus of 1% of referral’s amount! (Only if they keep the money till the end of the Game of Nodes which ends on 18 Sep 2019).

Pool Representatives:
Communication manager

Server: Germany, Team Netherlands

Other Details:
We are a team with experience with blockchain and wavelets since 2017. Our main goal is to support the development of Waves and grow Web 3.0 ecosystem.

We are proud of the opportunity to support the community and provide the best lease conditions for wave owners.

We are pleased to answer your questions and suggestions on how to even better do the work of our node.

Join our community and make Waves great! )

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First payments completed

Thanks for all participants! More info -


The second payment has been completed.

See report at and

We reviewed our terms to raise the leaser’s profit. Follow the news at our main site.

Referrals will be rewarded with 0,25%of referred tokens.

Thank you for leasing with us.


Hi, Daddy! I’m finally alive. Brrr. :face_vomiting::rose:
What if I help you with this thread?
Some rumours about Waves future rate? Mmm, I love technical analysis :nerd_face:

Stay here while I’m out for the Tradingview review. Don’t go away! Ok? :frowning_woman:


Daddy, why doesn’t our node have a real name? :cry: I

Look, all these big boys have their names! :eyes: But our node hasn’t . Do something, Dad! I’m serious. I want this *ucking big boys name today! :angry::angry::angry:


No good news, my little monsters , except that if you ever thought about entering the waves this is the right time because … WAVES *UCKING BROKE SUPPORT AND IS LOWER THAN ANY TIME SINCE ITS INCEPTION!!!

Ouff, that’s was really good, yeah. Now, thinking rationally, it is the best time to buy waves cause it’s cheaper than <no ads, please> coin.


Daddy, you’ve changed the avatar? :sunglasses: cool. You are sooo… Squared :joy:


Looook! :goggles: We’ve got some new waves for our node.:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:
Game of Nodes unfolds:crown::crown:. This is just a beginning.
Some additions to our payout terms will be made today. You’ll get more :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: from your leased waves.
Stay with us :grinning::grinning::grinning:



Hail! Can I clarify your information in more detail?

  1. Whale - how many waves?
  2. Where can I get a referral link?
    Thank you in advance


Sorry , my friend, answered you in telegram . Copying here :slight_smile:

  1. Whales are big as 10k waves :slight_smile:
  2. as for referrals, untill we publish an automated solution, your referral and you can both write in pm that you are affiliated