Opportunity to buy AntomCoin before rising in price


Hi, guys how are you, here is Antom with another report that talks about the opportunity to buy ANCs before going up in price. why?

I will explain the mechanism of how the AntomCoin protocol works and the secret weapons it has to prevent the currency from dyin.
in this way you will have all the tools and strong reasons to invest so be $ 20

But first, if you want more information, check the official blog of AntomCoin and the post in the forum in the section “projects” with the name “AntomCoin the university currency”.

Official Blog : Blog AntomCoin

First, why does AntomCoin have a value approaching $ 1.90?

AntomCoin is based on a socio-cultural livelihood mechanism, that means that AntomCoin shares 50% of the land within the network and 50% outside of it, this mechanism encourages multiple exchanges with the asset since it is the students who daily use the currency both inside and outside the university.

This exchange is vasa 2 in parallel markets but very different one from the other.

The first market is based solely on the exchange (sending-receiving) of AntomCoin assets without their real value, how does this apply? , the AntomCoin protocol being within the university cancels its real ($ +1.9) value to give it a descriptive value which allows students to acquire benefits within the university for their own good.

e market is based on the crisis currently going through the university system, benefiting the second market, students exchange their assets with teachers and classmates for benefits, these benefits can be, additional classes, intensive student payment, fees, assistantships , maintenance, clubs, subscriptions among others.

In this way, the student who participates in the AntomCoin protocol will benefit from a faster advance in their university career, it is like a game, the AntomCoins are points and the player is the student, the points serve to acquire multiple tools within the game that will help you finish the levels (semesters), this is a game come true.

The anchor of the system is that once the students receive the coins they will not want to market them outside the university, because the market they are interested in is within the protocol, that restriction benefits the second market that needs reliability in the transactions for the investors .

But not only that, since in each game there is a special bonus for the best players, in this case there is also one, the best strategy for a student is to store the AntomCoins and then use them in that special bonus, but what is that bonus?

First you must know that the AntomCoin is not a coin that will be delivered free within the universities, students will earn through the desenpeño and participation in different events within it. At the beginning, each student will get 1.00000000 ANC, so you can manage the wallet, taking this into account, we know that the only way to receive free AntomCoins is to encourage the study habit (or buy it through the DEX), the student during the semester will be rewarded with monetary factions (NanoAntoms) and in this way to store them, at the end of the semester, a special agreement will give students the opportunity to exchange AntomCoins for points for their studies and thus have a more neat report card, this does not It is a bribe or a purchase of studies, but it is a reward for the effort made by each student to reach the end of the semester.

This in turn is a restriction field for the shipment and storage of the assets and not only that, but it also provides the opportunity to create high and low marks to buy and sell due to the mass of students and their constant transactions.

This is what in a few words makes up the sociocultural exchange system “AntomCoin Protocol”.

In the case of the second market, it is a little less complex, since it is based solely on the exchange of Waves DEX through the purchase and sale of assets by natural persons who do not belong to the protocol, this is where you can buy or sell your AntomCoins for free.

the students are also within this market, but in a more special way that allows the constant fluctuation and different trasactions of the AntomCoin.

Thanks to these 2 markets, the AntomCoin has few possibilities to die due first to the importance it has within the universities and secondly, due to the price and reflection it may have as the BITCOIN.

And not only that, but it also offers the opportunity to create smaller secondary markets that help to inject more assets into AntomCoin It really is a project which you should invest.

Andres Rivas - CEO AntomCoin.


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