Pool name: Plukkieforger

Leasing details:
You can just copy/paste the below address or one of the alias names to lease to:

  • alias: plukkieforger OR plukkieleasing
  • address: 3P7ajba4wWLXq6t1G8VaoaVqbUb1dDp8fm4

Website URL:

Payout policy to leasers:

  • 100% Waves Fees and 8 Mrt per block
  • I invest my own lease profits back into the lease, therefore do something extra for the leasers and building on a more secure blockchain and increase blockhits
  • Monthly payouts
  • Sometimes I give presents, like for christmass I gave 250% fee sharing to my leasers
  • Leasing to Big nodes or Small nodes doesn’t matter related to the eurnings you will get as a leaser, however it does raises the Waves blockchain security level if you lease to smaller nodes (like my node). So, you’re welcome to drop your lease to my node, ‘plukkieforger’ OR ‘plukkieleasing’.

Pool Representatives:

  • Peter, alias Plukkie - Cloud Architect

Country: NL

Feature voting policy:

  • Normally I support development progression of Waves blockchain
  • Big supporter of new features
  • I avoid votings on features that shift influence away from small nodes. In a decentralized world we should guard for overweigted voting rights, too much influence by one voter is not ok. I always vote while pay attention to this most important rule in mind
  • I avoid voting on features which could put blockchain stability and security into danger

More details about pool Plukkieforger;

  • My node is protected against DDoS attacks and has an encrypted filesystem
  • I made extensive modifications to the original LPOSdistribution script of @Hawky.
    My goal was in the waves spirit: make it more for the people, simpler, more automated and added masstransfer tool
    Here’s my github:
  • my website gives more insights into blockchain and why it is usefull to lease waves
  • I believe in a world where central organized entities do NOT solely govern anymore and NO internet giants like facebook and amazon own our data. By supporting Waves, you help building a next generation decentralized model where ‘everyone’ can take a piece of the pie regarding earnings and where people control their own data and it’s destiny.

NOTE on node lease sizes (how many Waves/Leases do the nodes have)

  • It does NOT give you more earnings if you lease to larger nodes!
    Larger nodes have more Waves balance and thus will forge blocks more often, but the fees need also be divided to more or larger leasers. So ratio wise, earnings are roughly equal!
  • It does however increase the hardening of the blockchain if you lease to smaller nodes.
  • It does however increase your earnings if you lease a larger amount of waves

My VOTING History on Waves Features

  • Feature 1 (Minimum Generating Balance of 1000 WAVES)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 2 (NG Protocol)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 3 (Mass Transfer Transaction)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 4 (Smart Accounts)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 5 (Data Transaction)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 6 (Burn Any Tokens)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 7 (Fee Sponsorship)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 8 (Fair PoS)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 9 (Smart Assets)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

  • Feature 10 (Smart Account Trading)
    Status : ACTIVATED
    My vote : YES

Revised Payout scripts [WavesLPoSDistributer]

Awesome! Proud to won sasha’s contest for best usecase for combining a ‘Smart asset + DEX’ :star_struck:


Dear leasers,

The Plukkieforger node is migrated to another hosting environment. This has some PROS;

  • Encrypted filesystem ensures confidentiality if there would be a security breach
  • High node availability
  • Fast response times
  • Good backup arrangements

The forging will be down, while the blockchain is imported. It started at 2019-01-09 23:50:43 CET and approximaly will forge again in 3 days at 12 januari. So, during a timeframe of ~3 days there will be no block forging.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but to compensate these block misses during 3 days, I’ve raised my fee sharing to 150% for this month. The actual miss is ~10%, so 50% compensation is plenty I would say.


Team ‘Plukkieforger’