Pool ScudoNode


Pool name:

Address for leasing:


Payment policy:
ScudoNode has yet to study the best solution, “provisionally” this is the procedure:
Payments on the first Saturday of each month.
ScudoNode will try to sell everything to get more Waves.
Total generated and bought Waves paid 50% depending on your lease.
The rest of the Waves will feed Scudonode in order to pursue the goal of 100000.00 Waves.
Fee charged to you.
“ScudoNode payment policy” could undergo variations based on what is listed until the achievement of the purpose.
New 2018 / 12 / 09
1)ScudoNode is considering re-elaborating the percentage of payments in favor of leasers.
2)If the MRT market is not dead, ScudoNode is considering selling MRT at a higher price, favoring the increase in value.
3)Due to the low performance ScudoNode could consider not paying leases under 200.00 waves.

Stay updated: scudo.altervista.org

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers:
The first Saturday of each month.

Pool Representatives:
Telegram = @lorenzoscudofounder
Discord = Lorenzo - scudo.altervista.org # 9895
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorenzo.cardellini.5


Feature voting policy:
ScudoNode at this moment can not express the vote, must study for this.
Wavesplatform should be clear about which path it wants to take.
Maybe it’s just a feeling but at the moment it does not seem to be completely transparent.
ScudoNode would like to vote yes to all the functionalities to improve the profitability and short and long term health of the ecosystem. It could also be that some features in their honesty fail in their intent.
Each new feature will be carefully examined and discussed with miners and leasers.
“ScudoNode voting policy” could undergo variations based on what is listed until the achievement of the purpose.
Stay updated: scudo.altervista.org

Other Details:
ScudoNode for activation:
It is necessary, 1000.00 Waves.
Collected 20400.00 Waves.
ScudoNode Objective 1) = To reach 100000.00 Waves.
ScudoNode Objective 2) = . . .

Cost of the node:
2018 October: $ 33.27
2018 November: $ 24.40

I am 42 years old, self-taught.
At the moment everything is managed by me.
Funded by me and leasers.
Constructive questions and criticism not vulgar here.
Help and advice here.
Collaborations could be accepted, for agreements in pm.
Stay updated: scudo.altervista.org and here.


Date: Year / Month / Day

First payment made on: 2018 / 12 / 01

Try payment: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/Hde7a6BhSfs1AuW8Pqj8rjYNixPTd2zNFk7bMUm967XU

Next payment: 2019 / 01 / 05.


“3PMjEVCVappBjJ3wGhXF8jDY8cXpowFaVqg” whoever you are 5.00 waves are few to invest in leasing.
If you want to get something you should invest at least 200.00 waves.
So you do not even cover the fee and there will be no payment for you.
I hope you understand.