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Existe alguma piscina de pagamento diário?

It has no daily pay pool???

Date: Year / Month / Day

Payment 2018.12.01: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/Hde7a6BhSfs1AuW8Pqj8rjYNixPTd2zNFk7bMUm967XU
Payment 2019.01.01: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/9x1cJgcDFZFQa1e6Xy5dYXPJz8LSPcvSKgxCEnmKAR
Payment 2019.02.02
Payment 2019.03.02

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Payment 2019.03.02
To look up.

DigitalOcean sent me a message saying they have network connectivity problems and my droplet may be affected.
In fact, the node has not been generating for almost a month.
I apologize with the leasers, but if D.O. they do not solve, I can not even take it.
Maybe I could consider moving the knot with Contabo.

Node updated to 0.16.2

Due to an unexpected breakdown of the Waves network between the nodes 0.15.5 and 0.16.2, in the studio a solution to satisfy all the leasers with ScudoNode for the next payment 2019/04/06.
The next payment will still be executed even if the node has not produced blocks.
The money for payments will come from ScudoNode’s pockets.

From today ScudoNode becomes private.
He will no longer pay but will continue to support the network.