Pospool.io node

Great many thanks for the confirmation

many thanks yes i was sceptic too :slight_smile:

When I put my waves address at the end of the URL:… I see the number β€œ510316” What number does it have to get hit to get a payout that day or the next?

I have 10 waves on the balance, which I made in leasing 09.01.19. To date, I have not received any payment. Please tell me what’s wrong?

0.00510316 is your accumulated reward so far. You need at least 0.02 to start receiving it.

Payout every day for those who have accumulated more than 0.02 Waves of reward.
1 leased Waves gives 0,000006 Waves per day appoximately.

Hi,this leasing is open yet ?

Yes, of course, leasing is opened.

Due to an unexpected split of the Waves network between 0.15.5 and 0.16.2 nodes, we stop the reward distribution until the network is stabilized.

Pospool.io reward distribution is back and rolling after successful network update.

Pospool.io may be temporarily unavailable in the next 24h due to DNS records update.

Node has been updated to version 1.0.1!