Proposals- 1000 btc & 1000 bitcoin cash give away to projects who swaps their tokens to waves chain

As we all know, waves team has large amount of bitcoin and al bitcoin forks, so, i advice to use these funds for bringing good projects to waves ecosystem by making a contest and giveaway like,

-100 btc each to top 10 projects,
-100 bitcoin cash each to to 20 projects


-Projects will swap their coins/tokens to waves chain and start to use waves platform,
-After swaping their projects to waves chain these projects will be listed a special web site made by waves team for voting,
-Voting will be by WCT,
-Each 0,1 WCT represent 1 vote
-Every person (not wallet) can use 3 votes only,
-voters must write their twitter account links while they vote,
-Collected WCT will be airdrop like
.%25 to waves holders
.%75 to holders of the winner projects
-Voting period will be 30 days ( or more i d k)

if team decides to make something like that i believe waves platform will have huge attention and traffic.


Good concept but need more explaination and briefing for project owners KYC system.

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