Psy token airdrop/trading contest


Hello Everyone.

Psy token will airdrop psy token to any members you join our telegram community. participant are expected to post his wallet and telegram username to claim this give away.

Psy Token Trading contest

The trading contest involves trading psy token with USD on dex. participants are required to purchase at least $10 worth of psy token to get qualified for the weekly bonus. every week participants who qualified will have to share 20-50waves relative to income made and level of participation. likewise member who used the waves pair to trade with psy token also get 10% of his or her purchase inclusively will sharing from the weekly income earned. note member using psy token/waves trading pair are required to trade or purchase a minimum of 1000psy token.

Rewards will be distributed weekly.
happy investment

It was observed that most individuals join for the aim of dumping and then leave the telegram community so therefore we will only airdrop after members has spent at least 3months in the telegram community.

Thanks for your understanding

Psy Token team

Psy Token (Revolving and utility token)

telegram username : mpolat12
waves adress : 3P6vVvzJo5oTVSKGHpsLyRPywWQ5XEgAyFp


10 psy token sent to your wallet.




Welcome to psy token don’t forget you get 10% of your first time purchase likely eligible to share 20-30 waves this week.


Good Tken


Nice project


Please follow the rules you have to join our telegram group first


give me my wallet token 3PLXRLfrgWvFprL34nEiUEixdP6HcyfwyZH


Wallet address: 3P6WZ9kwyWpfeTVTmJKLredDFvpxR748DgC
Telegram username: @cmcm111


telegram username : criptik7
waves adress : 3PNzpsFCRCZeodiSY55fDQT9gM1TRU68Amu


Telegram username: @LordHades2017



Telegram: @logos14
Waves: 3P2cqJLjtPkoYtxGRUhYsiDUM6R5BpqAK2Y


Имя в телеграмм: @SerhzM69
Адрес: 3PLN1yaTWrA5aLkM28eXd7y7Q6WprAHfG4C


Telegram username : BOMBERuss
Waves: 3P5DeroaEhnCdujrzEy28EwYT3NQDDxFuWW

#17 3P9XvvZBRQJwuCx3HGJGVEw7qyodC9iuWLD


telegram username : @jonatas2018


telegram username : @nathalialencar28
waves adress : 3P4dhf8W3Gi1Ldfn5ZBxJ1A4fTD6LaHJXrJ





Don’t forget you get 10% for your first purchase and another 10% December bonus provided you purchase a minimum of 150psy