PSY TOKEN (blueprints)


Psy token is known with many name such as rewarding token dividend token utility token among others. Psy token is built on an existing firm with the aim of revolutionizing cryptocurrencies through the waves blockchain technology. The project aims are to improve its member and firm through the waves block chain technology.
Thus the blueprint, the project brought about PSY CONTRACT and PSY STAKING which serve as a tool to both increase the worth of the token and likewise bring parts of the firm into Cryptos. Thus when you buy a psy contract you get ROI on the contract bought but the ROI depends on how many psy token used to buy the contract. The more you hold many psy token the more your 0.3% weekly staking Increase. A wallet or member can only buy a single contract and must hold at least 500psy token. A control fee of 50psy token monthly will be paid and the psy contract limited. The control fees tend to increase depending on the total number of members willing to buy a psy contract. Minimum purchase is 1waves. However the project temporary pay out waves weekly for holders as a means to encourage and promote the project. Note this bonus its for life its on for a year or more.

A psy contract cost at least 500psy in which the purchaser get 10% monthly, 0.3% weekly and 30% quarterly. To purchase a contract kindly send at least 500psy to the issuing wallet 3PJtZjcFQmjjVdHywXRKGcKmtGpfkpBZvJH and begin to recieve the above stated returns to the sending wallet. Psy staking are also paid to psy contract purchaser which is the 0.3% paid weekly likewise active traders of psy token also gets 0.3% weekly provided they have a holdings of 300-500psy couple with some trading volume for the month.
Mr A send 5000psy to the issuing wallet 3PJtZjcFQmjjVdHywXRKGcKmtGpfkpBZvJH he will get 10% monthly which his 500psy and he will also be paid 0.3% weekly of his holdings apart from the 5000psy invested. Mr B hold 2000psy token and invested all his 2k psy in psy contract and holds no psy he wont get 0.3% why because 0.3% is for staking if he receive his 200psy for the month and didn’t sell it he then gets 0.3% on 200psy in his wallet.
while Mr C buys only 10,000psy for this week, he will receive 0.3% weekly for four week or the weeks left in that month and subsequently haven’t made any purchase or sale wont receive any staking or 0.3% until he made a sale or purchase for that period again.

Note psy token payout is in psy token likewise psy token also have a buy back policies the firm or issuer wallet id will be buy back its token as each psy token is regarded as our profit to be made or made.
Psy token generate revenue through:

  1. Transaction exchange fees paid by our clients and firms
  2. Sales of Pos machines to firms sublets
  3. Income from rentals, leasing and housing
  4. Income from Psy node (still process of building).

Psy token also pays out 0.3% weekly shares provided such a investor has trade volume of at least 100-200 inclusive both buy and sell. If this requirement isn’t meet such investors or holder gets 0.1% weekly. However once we listed on CMC we only payout 0.3% weekly to our holders or investors.

Asset Id: 7KKBr2KxzEZ4gL1ywSqgr23WSoWkTUBXjTAkLx1NNojG
Asset name: PSY TOKEN
email: [email protected]


I think we can’t buy Token right now at DEX


I bought some tokens like an hour ago


I can’t buy, it will say Something went wrong!


Oh that try reducing your quantity or further try to leave out little e.g I have 0.0010002 btc and want to place an order for waves simply leave out 0.0000002 and only input 0.001


I have 4 waves and I am trying to buy worth 1 waves but it will say,“error. something went wrong”


Try it again waves updated work done on order book and minor bug fixed



it needs to create another account then transfer before it will work in DEX,

Or wait until this issue resolve if account is important!
This error affected the rest of the old accounts!


Psy token price moving up. I suggest you buy now. Special selfdrop to be lunch tomorrow @0.003waves per 1 psy token Total selfdrop at #5000 forum at


You can also join there telegram community