QCASH Project by the QNG

The Quantum Node Group (QNG) is a Non-Ico project group made up of crypto-enthusiast. We seek to build a consensus blockchain network of staking (POS) and masternode mining features for digital payments & passive earning in the product QNODECOIN.

QNG Mission
The QNG project is clearly in three (3) phases.
During the phase 1, the QNG token (QCASH) that’s issued on the wavesplatform is utilize in our business tokenization model. QCASH will later be moved (by swapping) to QNODECOIN on a standalone blockchain network.

In phase 2, will feature the launch of a stand-alone blockchain for its consensus staking and
masternode mining with QnodeCoin (QNC) as a digital payment alternative currency. Swap ratio is 1:10 (QCASH:QNC). QNG hope to launch it blockchain based mobile browser in phase 3.

Project Token & Coin Spec
The QCASH token issued on wavesplatform will be swapped from our blockchain QNC premine.
QCASH Supply: 4,120,000 :large_blue_diamond:Check Mainnet
Swap Supply: 9.7% (399,640 QCASH)
Swap Ratio: 1:10 (QCASH:QNC)

Coin Spec
Ticker: QNC
Algo: Quark (POS/MN)
Supply: 412 Million
Premine: 0.97%
MN Collateral: 41,200 QNC
MN/POS %: 85% (MN), 15% (POS)
POS Block Reward: 50 QNC
Wallet to Support: Win, Linux, Mac, Web

QCASH Exchanges
#1. Waves.Exchange
:point_right: QCASH/WAVES
#2. Nanu.Exchange
:point_right: QCASH/BTC
:point_right: QCASH/WAVES
:point_right: QCASH/LTC
:point_right: QCASH/NNC


We advice all community members to hold on to their QCASH tokens. QNG shall not make any sale of tokens until blockchain is live by Q1, 2020. QCASH token will be burnt thereafter.

Note: We toke our domain (qngnode.com) offline delebrately as we are close to launch for a redress. Find more information on our telegram and twitter.