Quantum Node (Non-Ico)




my address





3P2Cho1t8EQn99CUfxHTSHXCrEKkXydD76M. Tnks


I think it’s worth looking at the project. Plans are interesting. Let’s see if they come true or not. Let’s hope for the best.


nice project
i wish you good luck
I wish you list the token in mercatox
And I wish i get my airdrop soon
my wallet
my telegram


Hi Nicole…
I hardly answer question here because of my overwhelming task… Just in case you are still doubting… Visits our site at qngnode.com

Please note We have build 2Full nodes (Qnode and Isotopemn), all on the TN -PLATFORM… And node is generating already… Over 347 transaction fees earned. And we will distribute that in 100% to all lessors…

We also listed a new exchange for Quantum Node at htpps://Nanu.exchange

And we are getting ready for Snapshot this 31st of January. Don’t miss it


The best project! Amazing!


Its only a Wish you have…
Am never going to mercatox… There are better exchanges that mercatox
We are listed on Nanu.exchange


Hi, Community, If you have pasted Your wallet here… then… this is the right step to earn Qnode
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Finish simple task
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Good AplicangT , bhakjehxnhavenbagena


ntaps jiwa good project guys


We will wait for good news.


Задумка интересная.


I completed all the tasks in the bot.
My waves wallet 3PKWSyaKennuc9CPuaG5azCSVMVyn3ZuXio
Good luck!!!







Hi all nice project
my wave wallet:


Great project…wish success for QuantumNode