Question: Initial Trading Price of New Token


Hi Guys,

Im about to setup a crypto token on the Waves Platform.

I have a question and would really appreciate any guidance.

  • Once I establish the token, do I determine the initial price. IE. Given that I will hold all of the initial tokens I assume if someone asks to trade /buy the token, I determine the price that they sell for.

When people Find the token on the DEX, will I get a buy request?

And then as people hold the tokens they can sell or trade them for any price the market sets. Any guidance around this would be appreciated.


You decide the price. If it is too high for traders no one will buy and, if there is a minimum interest, traders will add buy orders at a lower price.


Hi Angry, Thank you for the Response. Really helpful.


As for initial price I had the same question. Thank you for clear answer!

I just have one more question which is unclear to me…

Can such token as MGO be setup on this platform?

The point that after start of cooperation between MobileGo (providing MGO) and Xsolla (famous payment systems) this cryptocurrency looks very attractive for investments…If I don’t mistake, of course.


You can just set up a sell wall on the DEX and people will be able to buy it, i.e you will not receive a buy request. This also means that you can set the initial price yourself.

MGO was initially based on Waves and Ethereum, not sure in which way the development went now.

Regarding MGO as an investment: I urge you to take a look at the history of the development, the broken promises and the split community. imo, too many red flags to trust the team again.