✌️ RARE token

The :v:token is very rare. Airdrop of :v:is running = every new trader on the waves blockchain will be recognized by our bot and 0.0001​:v: will be send to the new trader.
Airdrop is finish now! Sorry :neutral_face:
Don’t worry :wink: we will make from time to time new Airdrop, but very rare ones and just for new traders.

:v: Is a sponsorship token.
With 0.0001​:v: you can pay your transfer fee :fairy:t3:‍♀ :blush:

When you use :v: as fee, we will receive the :v: and Airdrop the received :v: to new traders.
For keeping up the volume flow of :v:.

Happy trading :relieved:

Name: :v:

Max Supply: 0.3402 (very rare token!)

Decimal points: 4

Type: Reissuable

Issue date: 15.06.2019 23:10

Asset ID: 5Nm968edbYa5D6kTqf1oYA5VK7hS7REmU2k5X4zZbyje

Wallet: Waves Client

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Buy two and :fire:burn one :point_up: :rocket:

private development chain? Is it even possible? good project

Yes i think it’s possible. Why do you want to do this?

The problem is that Developers dont support their Token to hold or stand @ same price in DEX Platform

Good Project forum.wavesplatform