Recovering ledger nano account


Hi there everybody,

I’m testing the new integration of WAVES with Ledger Nano and I’m quite happy as it provides great security for my funds.

Now, we know private keys are stored in the Ledger, which is the whole purpose of having a Hardware Wallet but, you could loose your hardware wallet or it could stop working for whatever reason. Rest of cryptos supported by Ledger let you recover your private keys by using the BIP39 tool [] but WAVES is not currently supported by that tool.

Well, my question is what would be the procedure for recovering my WAVES private keys in case my Ledger device stopped working? I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t know an alternative way of being able to access my WAVES in case I cannot use my Ledger.



You can always get a second Ledger and restore your wallet there. That would be your back up.


That’s obvious but I don’t want to depend on a company providing a service. I want to be able to access my WAVES funds by using my private keys or my seed and nothing else. Not your private keys, not your funds


Hi, @ledgerUser support is under construction.


Thanks, I hope it doesn’t take much time.


Any news about this?


I’m bringing this up a couple of months later. Nothing yet?