REDFISHCOIN, Your partner in Promoting Business

Buy and Sell REDFISH to LIQUID?

  • Now you can, if you hold Liquid token, You can trade it to Redfish


  • You can Add other token too to Pair with Redfish Such as 0.5 Redfish for 1 HuastecaMX

Good project! Thanks!

thanks for the useful info) and can you tell what d u think of MobileGo token?

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Thanks for coming,
I don’t know why you put your Address here!

But, Hold 100 Minimum Redfishcoin to Earn 3%-10% Monthly Shares!

Since 2017

plus, Royalty Rewards token and Promotional token!.
Now, You had the reason to hold and Earn Passively!

Bitcoin Crash and its Effect!

Today, BTC was down by -10%, from $6.5k Value down to $5.6k Value. This affects the whole Altcoin Market.


Redfish Value at $0.28 to $0.31


Every Traders will say, Buy at the dip!
Buy when others afraid,

We say, Buy Redfish while it is cheaper!
Hold and earn Monthly shares!

This dip is temporary as we ride in a roller coaster exchange!

Спасибо заранее

7 Days to go for Monthly Shares Distribution!

  • Don’t missed out your share!

Hold 100 minimum Redfish and receive 3%-10% monthly shares PLUS Royalty Reward!

  • Claim FREE Redfish via faucet, and minitask!
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New offers at ForFun/Redfishcoin market

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Good project! Thanks!

Check the Redfish Monthly Shares Report

$100.00 plus was been distributed to Redfish Stockholders,
Hold 100 minimum Redfish to Earn 3-10% Monthly shares!

1 Redfish is 0.195 Waves
compared to 0.15 in the last Monthly Shares Report!


Take a tour, and get some Redfish in Faucet
Submit your Waves Address having mnimum 10 Redfish to get some coins!

0.5 Redfish for 1 HuastecaMX 11 days till the end of presale dont miss out

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RedfishCoin at $0.24 with +14% up


Buy Redfish today while it is low!
It could reach $1 to $2 each we assume on the year end!

Nice Tokens

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1 Redfish is $0.36 each now!

When you buy at $0.27, you did take your profit and your Monthly Shares!

It’s not too late to buy and Hold now!

Can we reach $1-$2 before Year ends?

Did Redfish Reach $0.75 each

Steemit Redfish Community focus more on giving monthly shares to our stockholders. Since Redfishcoin was created, we aim for giving back to the community and to those who believe in the capability of raising awareness of its existence. By Holding minimum of 100 Redfish, you become a stockholders and eligible for Monthly Steemit shares Since 2017. Payout were given every 25th of the month PLUS Royalty Rewards Token.