REDFISHCOIN, Your partner in Promoting Business


Redfishcoin Updates

Buy and HOLD Redfishcoin now while it is affordable for MONTLY SHARES!

Redfish break on 0.3Waves each
And there is no much more left for the run!
SOON we will see at 0.4 Waves each!

Comment below if you didn;t have Redfishcoin Holding till now!


Redfishcoin and Telegram Tips

From the Redfish Community, we had an awesome token created just for tipping those actively visiting on our groups and on other groups also. It can be used also in exchanging tips using h2oxbot.

  • Meet LWEE- Rewarding Millionaires

Visit and Get FREE LWEE if you didn’t claim yours! Just comment ~CLAIM~


Redfishcoin Trades

In our Redfish promotion, we no longer give away REDFISH but of LWEE. We keep promoting it but give LWEE as the rewards.

  • Let’s TRADE Redfishcoin on WavesDEX and Nanu Exchange!


Redfishcoin and it’s Partners

A good day before the Monthly Shares Distribution takes place! Redfish growth to partnership and promote fellow Waves project!


  • 10k Triple will be dropped to the Redfish holders, from 20 Redfish and above. 100 Redfish holders will gain more as bonus!


9k LWEE will be dropped to 100 Minimum Redfish holdings

Minnow (MNW)

0.000001 MNW will be sent to the 100 Redfish holding as Royalty rewards!

Relay Token

  • 10k Relay will be sent to all having 20 Redfish holding

Redfishcoin was a partner with Triple token, Xandereun, ASGcoin, and RELAY! giving links in both sites