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Redfishcoin Updates

Buy and HOLD Redfishcoin now while it is affordable for MONTLY SHARES!

Redfish break on 0.3Waves each
And there is no much more left for the run!
SOON we will see at 0.4 Waves each!

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Redfishcoin and Telegram Tips

From the Redfish Community, we had an awesome token created just for tipping those actively visiting on our groups and on other groups also. It can be used also in exchanging tips using h2oxbot.

  • Meet LWEE- Rewarding Millionaires

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Redfishcoin Trades

In our Redfish promotion, we no longer give away REDFISH but of LWEE. We keep promoting it but give LWEE as the rewards.

  • Let’s TRADE Redfishcoin on WavesDEX and Nanu Exchange!

Redfishcoin and it’s Partners

A good day before the Monthly Shares Distribution takes place! Redfish growth to partnership and promote fellow Waves project!


  • 10k Triple will be dropped to the Redfish holders, from 20 Redfish and above. 100 Redfish holders will gain more as bonus!


9k LWEE will be dropped to 100 Minimum Redfish holdings

Minnow (MNW)

0.000001 MNW will be sent to the 100 Redfish holding as Royalty rewards!

Relay Token

  • 10k Relay will be sent to all having 20 Redfish holding

Redfishcoin was a partner with Triple token, Xandereun, ASGcoin, and RELAY! giving links in both sites

Old REDFISHCOIN Swap to REDF, new Redfihcoin ASSET ID

Hello Redfish holders

We would like to apologies for this token asset migration. One or two of our team wallet was compromised and was unable to recover. To secure our funds we stop all Redfishcoin trading and swap 1:1 Redfishcoin to REDF.

Asset ID : 7mQhkkvdTWSCi4GhMz55VM4W3wuGgpnK6wa8pRALr3pn
Symbol : REDF
Issuer : 3PAyd1XL3VYowEXyEjweYJqGXRuF8jftfoH
Reissuable : False
Decimals : 4
Total supply : 500000.0000
link: pywave

Token Swapping was successful
Monthly Rewards will be sent via New Token ID REDF
Trading on WavesDEX is now live
thanks for your cooperation
Redfishcoin, since 2017 giving monthly rewards to its holders

We hold Refdfish tokens in some accounts and we received nothing.

To be successful the swap must cover all the token holders, but from your pywaves link I see only 250 addresses holding 4+ REDF after the swap.

So how your swap works? Are covering the loss of your team members with the funds of thousands little holders? Or am I wrong?

Thanks for your concern,

this little number of Redfishcoin holding will besent until July 30. Also, most of this address are inactive as we see and come from aidrops. still we drop until the date of schedule

I hope you can reflect on the legitimacy of this procedure which aims to exclude some accounts, because I honestly remain perplexed by those swap transactions which aim to arbitrarily remove value from the coins lawfully held by someone.

It makes no sense to exclude from the swap those who do not actively use a wallet (can’t I HODL?) or considering the way in which the coins are obtained (for example via airdrop).

Would it seem fair to you if Sasha took away your Waves only because you’re hodling or because you had them for free by participating in some contest?


like I said, those little holding will be sent in the process

for me, if it has close to no value, I would or it cost more to send than its value.(like 0.00000001 or 0.001 Redfishcoin)

7/25/2019 Redfishcoin Stockholders Payment Report and Updates!

Read full here

Rewards and shares are:

  • REDF
  • LWEE

Buy And HOLD REDF(Redfishcoin) and earn while holding!
Trade REDF/Waves on DEX

Hello, are you interested in cooperation?

cooperation in what way?

We are interested in developing our community. We have our own website, VK group, forum page here. I wanted to clarify what opportunities you have? You can exchange ads.

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We can help you to promote your Project in our Telegram. You can aidrops to our current holders, we can publish about your project and share in our social media,

You can throw me your promotional material in the mail I will take a look and if I don’t have any questions I will host in my VK group



:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: 2 INSTANTCOIN will be dropped to 20 REDF Holdings
INSTANTCOIN brings Crypto, Artists, Developers and Other content creators. - Hold for Weekly and Monthly Rewards. Visit for more info

Asset Name - Redfishcoin
Ticker - REDF
ID: 7mQhkkvdTWSCi4GhMz55VM4W3wuGgpnK6wa8pRALr3pn
Exchange: WavesDEX, Nanu Exchange
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-20 Redfish holding, earn 2% monthly Shares
-50 Redfish holding, earn 3% monthly Shares
-100 Redfish holding, earn 3% monthly Shares & Rewards
-500 Redfish holding, earn 5% monthly Shares & Rewards
-1000 Redfish holding, earn 7% monthly Shares & Rewards

Redfishcoin (REDF) Updates

TRADE on Nanu.Exchange

10k LWEE will be airdrops to all 20 REDF minimum holding this coming September 25, 2019

Get 1% Monthly Rewards

Now, you can enjoy 1% monthly rewards for holding 10 REDF minimum holding in your wallet. Still, the more you hold, the more % rewards you can get up to 7% monthly rewards and airdrops and more!

Hold REDF now while it is cheaper!
Get REDF on WavesDEX or on Nanu.Exchange

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REDF Holders and Rewards

REDF token of Redfishcoin Community continues to explore, rewards holders more. This coming October 25, 2019, 20k LWEE token will be dropped to all 100REDF minimum holdings. Aside from its 2-7% Monthly Rewards, this is just a bonus to the Holders.

TRADE REDF on Nanu Exchange

You can trade REDF to Waves/BTC/NNC not only on WavesDEX but also on Nanu.Exchange. Since 2017 in the service! We recommend you to buy now and HOLD while it is cheaper and start earning Monthly Rewards!