Relationship of DeFi to POS

Hi all,

i’ve just read an interesting article:

This provides a nice argument for the monetary policy that Waves has now. It seems like something like this IS necessary if you allow lending in a POS based system.

Reading it, i also thought about a potential problem with Neutrino and a similar effect it might have:

Isn’t it the case that it is always beneficial to stake Neutrino in comparison to Waves? Given that never 100% Neutrinos will be staked completely, the resulting payouts from the underlying Waves should always be higher than what you would have get for the corresponding amount of Waves. Therefore, an effect as described in the article above, might also happen with Neutrino.

In order to overcome this problem with Lombardini: would it be possible to (at least partly) lease the corresponding Waves from Lobardini to nodes? Or even better, run a node with the Lombardini address that could participate in block generation.


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