Renaissance Engineering Token # Decentralized Construction Projects


Very interesting project…


Good project and nice token name


Thank you very much for the good project.


Very good concept and promising, we can make a good community !!!


seems to be a nice project to follow. great work team…


Thank you guys for the hardwork to make this program possible


I like it your project


Нравится присоединяться к лучшим проектам!



Yes,It great,xldllsl


I´m in to the airdrop. Wish us all the best!


More and more awesome projects on Waves platform! Renaissance Engineering is one of them!


A reliable and promising project. There is a very strong team working on this project. A promising idea of ​​the project is always one of the key indicators of successful initiatives. The project is interesting in terms of innovation. I wish the project to grow fast !


The project looks so different and special and I hope to see you guys at the pick!


Great with more projects on Waves platform!


hi guys. have good luck with this project


I’m very hopeful about this new project:)


interesting project, good work, thanks to the developers for the opportunity to participate in it, good luck, I hope you will succeed


Nice project. Happy to be a part of this project.