Renaissance Engineering Token # Decentralized Construction Projects


This is a promising project, good luck to the work team of the project


great article! will read the pdf file.


Could you post a link to your whitepaper?

#227 is our official ico website



hope it will go to the moon


One of a kind project, decentralized construction and engineering projects that uses blockchain tech in waves platform e.g. RE Tokens, nice idea,good job Team RE


Huge project
Let’s go!


Good project my all friends like this project


I recommend to all this distribution, the project is very promising? the project has an interesting idea and a good team


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Good airdrop nice project the best!


this is great project and good vision
team work is very nice,allthe best


great projects guys, hope to hear great news from you guys soonest.


As a strategic investor, I am always looking for such quality like Renaissance Engineering projects and creative ideas. The project development team has great experience. And today I congratulate the team. that they continue to be firm with their work for the development of the excellent work in the field that is proposed to act.


Very interesting project with original realization of blockchain technology. I wish yuo good luck in the future!


Good project! I join and invite!


Very good project!!’


Very happy to be able to participate in this exceptional project.


Great project and good idea.