Renaissance Engineering Token # Decentralized Construction Projects


Great project and good idea.


This is certainly a pioneering project of what will be building in the future


Just know about this project and after researching I must say it is the one of the most promising project of 2018


Go ahead…great project


Project looks good and When will Presale starts


good project and good job


good airdrop and project


I am feeling this a very good project. Good luck for project. Innovative project with interesting ideas, developing a promising direction.


The best project for RETOKEN


Great project that focuses on financial profitable, I would like to follow this construction blockchain company


Well, I didn’t catch all details but I’ll get it)


Great project! Glad to use the waves platform!


good proyect guys excellent proyect future blockchiain waves


Good project, i love team


Great project. worth supporting. Looking forward to your success! God Bless


Waves is an excellent choice of platform. I’ll be watching this project closely.


This seems to be a very good real use case token.


I like the profit schema of Renaissance Engineering Token. It’s worth to try,


Great project backed by really good specs.


hello nice project thank you for all your hard work