Renaissance Engineering Token # Decentralized Construction Projects


Renaissance Engineering is airdropping 500 RE token + extra 250 RE token. Restricted areas?


Excellent project and profit making


All projects in solid real state are a good investment. Renaissance Eng is a must have and probably the best in the future to come.


Hello, thank you for the opportunity, I already participated and I really enjoyed the waves, congratulations to the whole team for the project and that is very successful!


Good project, great community!


I believe that this project is the future! I see only positive aspects of the implementation.



rly good and interesting project


Nice concept of this project I am lucky to participate in this project


It’s a really nice project ,I’ll like to follow it up till the end



I think that Renaissance Engineering project is awesome, because is the only construction blockchain company who is focusing on investors financal profitables and on getting better life places while investing.


nice token i saw and amazing concept i like it very nice


Great concept for the mellenials


This is an excellent project and they have very strong team behind this project and I Hope their team will take this project to the Moon


Great project regarding engineering Great future


Nice to join this great project


A very promising project, I will invest in your tokens


Nice project for long time investment point of view.


Wonderful project and good team