Saving indicator template on DEX


I tried to find a related topic but was not able to find one. If there is already an existing question/topic please let me know.

I, personally, would be very interested to have the option for making any indicator templates for the charts. Beside the DEX I am using Coinigy very often and they have the option to make indicator templates for getting a guick scan of the market after activating this template.

So, it would be really great if this is possible. Please let me know if other people are enthusiastic.


Hello, if it’s possible it should be great.
Love it when I can save my trading set-up in the wallet. Now if it’s automatically logged out I have to put everything in place again and can be annoying sometimes.

Further I love the waveswallet but with above mention it shall make the wallet even more complete for the traders on the dex.

Kind regards