Scam smart asset hidden scripts


So there are a lot of smart assets being air dropped on wavesplatform users that have scripted buy / sell rules designed to scam users. Is there anyway for users to see the script rules before trying a transaction or is this a scammers charter? See, ie, LuckyCoins


whats the catch behind LuckyCoins apart from buying 333 more. is the a price you can’t sell Luckycoins at after you buy?


these smart assets need to have when implemented coded situations that stop scams happening, i’ve notice surge the asset that goes up and up, you can’t transfer to other people making that useless, how are you suppose to exchange the asset for goods or anything, who’s going to buy the asset without reason to buy. wave needs to fix the situation quickly i think and maybe even halt smart assets.


I think, from other threads, that the asset must be sold for a higher price than the token issuer is already selling at. It makes the whole concept of smart assets not only worthless but actually just a mechanism for scamming waveplatform users. Waveplatform should now be reported as a scamming mechanism until / unless that gaping black loop hole is fixed.


no you can sold but at higher price that you bought with
you can chose many place to do order


Ha hah hah. Oh no you can’t, it’s an unsaleable asset & you are supporting the scam. Bad person!


no you can’t put order


Platform developers must fight spam token!


No, it’s impossible to sell…

You can put order, but you can’t sell it…

Scam asset

Look at the issuer’s transactions… this is his id: 3PJMw51M5zfNNHxowfzG75FtX5SHY2V1dEt

He sells luckycoins to… himself for SIMULATE transactions, no one can sell that asset…


Don’t buy this scams. Problem solved. This people who scammed by smart assets, buying this tokens to scam other people. The area is decentralized, be honest, don’t be greedy.


If only one could immagine that…
Now i know that assets can be scam… now…


Are transactions like this regular? This is how he scams users…


how do u sell pls i invested $30 on lucky coin m devastated


You can’t, it’s a scam. Free money often is. Unless it’s your birthday.


then how do i get a script like that


Hhhh… why can’t send and sell?


i was saying impossible to send and transfer to other people. i attempted to send some surge to someone and surge could not be transferred because the feature did not exist. that’s a good test to see if a token is legitimate or not. a good test is as soon as you get the cash if you can’t transfer to a new wallet than the token is not legitimate at all.

so i attempted to send serge to people and said could not be done.


I think there is a way to trade that scam asset…
I explored the other exchange pairs, not only luckycoins/waves (where it’s impossible to exchange), and i have found luckycoins/liquid…
I put an order for my 1000 luckycoins, at the price of about 70 liquid (7 waves), which is the price i paid for the 223 i bought by the scammer…
For me it’s possible to to exchange with liquid, because the scammer has not set the script correctly for that pair…
He can put a lower price, but in that case he loss waves…
Don’t know if it’s a good idea, i tried…


i don’t see the point of buying this asset. i’ve got 10 goldmine i still can’t shift, and have been burned once or twice now and i know the lesson, not buying that nonsense, they have to cure the problem immediately or they will probably destroy the waves platform and lose trust…


Yes and Jewel and some other coins has the same scam structure, they even put some fake buy orders so you think you can sell, but then when you have bought you can’t execute the sell order you have to but in a order above the scammers otherwise it won’t work. I have raised this issue on the Discord but people treat you like shit for raising serious questions about the responsibilities of the platform developer. I believe this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, like obligatory script exposure or you cannot put fake orders in that cannot be executed. I cannot believe there is no solution to this.