Scam smart asset hidden scripts


I’m sure there are more of these rules that can be implemented to limit the scammer. Or make a scam list/file and mark this token in the DEX same as the spam tokens so people know what kind of token this is. Well just some thoughts.


As of the moment, all Smart Assets are scam!
If you have known any legit Smart Asset, comment below,


скажите как вы создали эту пару? у меня не получается.


I placed my order about a week ago, but now that assed is marked as SPAM…
i see my order (in pending, it’s about impossible to sell), but i don’t know if now it’s impossible to do the same…
i have used the function search in all, searching luckycoins… but if i do it now, i only see 4 pairs, one week ago i have found about 15…