Scam token (Scam not spam)


I just received a token called “Goldmine” It’s a smart that fix it sell price at 1.00000001 Waves and up but for some unknown reason it didn’t lock the buy price. So, people just open order to buy it at 0.99999999 waves which we cannot sold because it’s lock the sell price to more than 1 waves. How am I going to get my waves back?
Also we cannot open a sell order less than 10 Goldmine. I received 5 So I buy 5 more to sell but… you know. I can’t so if there’s a way to earn more waves please tell me


Hi! I have 10 token goldmine, but i cannot open a sell order. It’s scam?


You cannot sell it directly to the open buy order because the price need to be “more than 100,000,000 Waveslet” (1.00000001 Waves and up) but who gonna buy that when the coin issuer can sell it at exactly 1 Waves.

What should I do about an obvious scam token?

I put up a sell order for 1.00000001 waves, I can not sell, because the Issuer of tokens constantly puts up sell orders for 1 waves. Then it’s a Scam token


Issuer’s order is going down tho. But he/she can refill it


Yes, yes. Yesterday there were 226 tokens, today 1100.


And the coin is reissuable too. Make it totally a scam! It’s a SHITTOKEN!!


Today is good so far. The issuer did not refill his/her order. But he/she might do it later. The only thing we can do is hope. Also I just resieve 5 more Goldmine from airdrop again… which make my decision to buy 5 more absolutely pointless…


New scam alert!!

Same creator same scaming tactic


So does it mean that the project is a scam and we cannot sell the coins?


Yes!! If you got the coin for free, BURN IT!!!


Thanks Jeff! I’ll be more careful in future.


ABUS is a new scam, beware!


So many scam projects in these days…


Did you know that according to stats about 70-80% of 2017-2018 ICOs were a scam?


Well, almost all of them are based on Ethereum, They scamming method is selling their no value coin to other people and if it have value. You still can sell it without any restriction. So, this is not nearly relate to normal ICOs scam.


Oh, what a sad statistics. I happy not to lose my money on such projects.


You are absolutely right, it is impossible to check if ICO is a scam or not in the beginning


Can you imagine how many people have lost assets these years? I feel sorry for them. It is so cool to show trust in new platforms and it sucks being deceived


Don’t need to feel sorry for them. People have been always trusting scam projects in every field. It is normal when someone loses and someone wins