Scam token (Scam not spam)


Haha well you have a point!
I’ve been trading small amount of money, so for me, it is not a painful process so far


Yes, I also sympathize with them. Because nobody’s perfect and we can also make mistakes in choosing the proper investment.


Yes, only when it comes to another person. But it’s a different matter when you make mistakes by your own. It’s a very sad statistics, how many skilled crypto experts invested in scam projects.


I do not regret my mistakes. Even skilled experts may fail, we must remain positive and never give up:)


Didn’t know it. So sad to search for info about ICO and find out such statistics.


Di you have many new projects that disappointed you?


Yeah, I was so shocked when I found out that 70% of 2017-2018 ICOs were a scam…