Scam tokens bounty hunt


I’m here start a bounty hunt of scam token.
Token that you got for free but can’t sell
Token that require you to sell at a specific amount of coin
Token that have start price of 1 waves
Token that lock their selling price
And Token that have a very short description that descript nothing at all (But Not all are scam)

Comment the token ID down below with your wallet address!!
Everyone who comment token ID and Your wallet address will get 25 VSCT [~$1] for free!!!

Because this thing is a serious topic!!

I already saw 3 Scam token so far
Goldmine : DPCKbTuuu2fejYt6sD6FpMsSJuE2Z7K17iwMFF6KZuEL
Godsend : 7RsEZB7wH1aTQN7p9VBt7hwW4A9BLtg9cqQNoLgTLgjr (Same creator as Goldmine)
GWWG : CJJTaJ5Nn6CFRm7jtarwdXSaNApVWFRRU3nLwFSAjPAs (Different creator but Use the same tactic as Goldmine)

And if you know how to submit a pull request please do it. Here’s the link : because I don’t know how (I never use github before…)

P.s. To admin. if this does not belong in this category, I’m sorry for wasting your time to change my post category. But I hope you have a nice day thought.


How to determine which token is spam?


TOKEN ID 3SnjWdQCC6aR9fFQ879pbgoWTzbv1vbFjUYeUQJXpz7W
Wallet 3PNFkePjMwE5N959GaPiCnWAN8mp681pPn1

yovi is its name,and nope never got to sell the goldmine :cry: so i think i’ll burn


Most of the scam token have high selling price (1 waves+), Has to have a pacific amount of coin to be able to sell, Can’t sell lower than the lowest order (Which usually opened by the issuer) and you receive some amount of it from airdrop but you can’t sell it, You have to buy more to sell.
That’s my term of Scam token


Thank you for submitting yours. I’ve send the pull request on github. And hopefully it got pull


Jewel , they give you 70 than want you to buy 30 to have 100 to trade! Price is 1waves each! Not sure if another scam token ,
Asset ID:


Jewel was created by The SAME GOD DAMN issuer as Goldmin and Godsen!!! I’m not surprise why he/she want you to buy more. Burn it or send it back to the person who you receive from
Also what’s your wallet address?


Yeah these new smart Assets are getting outta hand already , they don’t tell you the stipulations of the contract but to buy more ! They need to have full description in details or the error message !



Yep 5 already created 4 already success at scamming people. I put a pull request on Github admin didn’t pull it out (but that’s ok as long as no one get scam twice) also I recently created a topic in the ideas category about the full detail of smart asset. Hopefully they’ll listen


I Got 60 Jewel
Than they wanted me to buy 40 Jewel to be able to sell it
And i bought it 40 waves
And my money lost so easy today!


I hope you get your money back soon.
So,I’m lucky. Lost only 5 waves… these thing is getting out of hand


New asset on the scam watchlist!
ID : FK6VuyNBCVRRR2Br9hT2kBy4WeJBk3zMk3BaismaVqvy
Name : VipAssetDoubler
Price minimum : 50 waves
Airdropped amount : 0.5
Minimum sell amount : 1


Id DCQN6AmEgiEphYfjwWYrs3yaSEo4tAU7H1eGumCgLvu

I’m not sure, but maybe this one?


Ayy man not cool. I do not responsible for your lost of money (But I don’t sure who lost money with my coin yet). Also mine is not a smart asset. I don’t have any fund to back the coin I buy some of my coin sometime when I got profit from trading. I also do not responsible for any dumping. All of that order you saw on DEX are not mine. And I already said it but it’s not a smart asset so no restriction on sell and buy price, no minimum amount needed to sell and you can burn it, transfer it and do anything just like other coin/token (except use it as transaction fee because I don’t have any money to back it)


Also in the first phase of my coin I don’t gain that much money. I sell 500,000 of my coin at a very low price of 0.0000005 waves. (Total of 0.25 waves) and all of the currently open order on DEX are all not mine(Just like I said above) so you can’t call it a scam if I don’t make any money from it.


I did not say that this is a fraud, I ask what people think about this! And yes, the responsibility must be borne if this is your token !!!


How can I control other people order then… I responsible for everything except other people open orders (They usually are Low af buying price, high af selling price, dumping)


Sheer, Jewel, GWWG, Scrudge, YOVI, moonasset, goldmine, surge. basically anything with .007 fee is a scam coin.


I think any scam should be prevented by simple rules in order to finaly believe in this blockchain technology projects.

  • Any mass transfer (airdrops) should be first allowed and signed by approval of independent organization (Tokenomica, BetterTokens, ITO approval agency,…) after KYC of all project team members.

  • Any wallet which issue scam coin should be blocked permanently.

… etc
And any approved good startup coin should have recognizable sign that they are not scam.
I wonder what do you think about that?


Today there are a lot of coins that I don’t know, I didn’t fill in any air drops! and the coins came.