Scam tokens bounty hunt


I believe i received one of them. Called Tinny, token id is B4TaoycFVH2YHGEGYrsPwKXTBPQftk86sY1se5rRyiF3 . Sent 30 and requires 50 to sell.


Another scam token, i lost about 7 waves :disappointed_relieved:
The token is called “luckycoins”, id ELzPGDcDofrJPkp1WurDhDfo7X8HPinyw6Ls9FYGvWKX
The issuer sent 777 of them in mass sending, the value is high and to sell them a quantity of 1,000 is required…
When i bought the other 223 and tried to sell the 1,000 i received the following message:

Error executing script of asset ELzPGDcDofrJPkp1WurDhDfo7X8HPinyw6Ls9FYGvWKX. Transaction is not allowed by token-script


This is the id of the issuer: 3PJMw51M5zfNNHxowfzG75FtX5SHY2V1dEt



thank you everyone for spreading the awareness of these token!


Damn. That’s a dick move for the issuer! Make you buy but not allow you to sell


Regards cryptocurrency people, here some I found:







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Thank you


You know this scam already tired. Not only do wave developers do nothing, it seems they themselves participate in it, receiving a commission from fools.


Transaction is not allowed by token-script))


I think there is a way to trade that scam asset (LuckyCoins)…
I explored the other exchange pairs, not only luckycoins/waves (where it’s impossible to exchange), and i have found luckycoins/liquid…
I put an order for my 1000 luckycoins, at the price of about 70 liquid (7 waves), which is the price i paid for the 223 i bought by the scammer…
For me it’s possible to to exchange with liquid, because the scammer has not set the script correctly for that pair…
He can put a lower price, but in that case he loss waves…
Don’t know if it’s a good idea, i tried…


wow seriously? we should keep our assets more safely


This kind of wave token has a “higher” tax (0,05 $wav, more than 0,0000001 an average transfer tax), probably with high number of applications (cost 0.x $wav per operation)


Same problem. I lost 7 waves.
I traced the path and found where the waves flow from the coin creator’s wallet - only 4 wallet


i mentioned a asset and that got removed by the moderator, for what reason? i said you could not send the asset to anyone, why does the moderator or staff not want people to know the assets name.

was not the wallet address right, if so why would they not flag everyone else’s must be the faulty token in question they created, that you cannot transfer to anyone from your wallet address.

instead of accepting their problems about the token they created they want to hide the problem and not have anyone speak about the problem with their token, clearly touching a nerve.

when inappropriate is used for censorship, often used by a typical approach of the inadequate

the flagged the post because they created something inadequate and don’t want people speaking about the inadequate code. clearly. i attempted to send some and when i attempted to send the asset would not send.

that’s not inappropriate that evident.


Progression is a token that looks shady

you said to leave a wallet address.


It probably got flagged because of the wallet address. I post an airdrop topic in this forum and most of the comment that have wallet address got flagged for no reason at all


no the are plenty of wallets address that have not been removed you can see in the comments.


you know what forget the airdrop i’ll just remove my wallet address, but i think this is due to the token that was named.


in fact the first thing i noticed about this website was the comments most of the had wallet addresses, and none happened to be flagged. not really buying that statement. i guess if your statement is true then their goal must be suppression of wealth. under the guise of spam.


I got email about every reply on my topic and most of them aren’t showing in my topic’s reply for no reason. Like 30-40 of them are hidden and can only be found in my email inbox.


i just got mine taken down. but that’s different though. really taken down.