Scam tokens bounty hunt


did that go to the spam when taken down have i just assumed, as in assumption being the brother of all screw ups.


Previously not listed scams:

Issuer : 3P3wRm38hMVkdMsUjWZdV64MaEwjqq4Z31N
ID : CkpBxhoePrFQvW2kMmgTq4Qw1Q75ThWSJoMKP7RDQxXM

Issuer :3PJMw51M5zfNNHxowfzG75FtX5SHY2V1dEt
ID : ELzPGDcDofrJPkp1WurDhDfo7X8HPinyw6Ls9FYGvWKX

My wallet addr: 3PQA7swtuRtxwC7WenbK2kSGahtFJ5EetiX


The name of token 1-st SilverMine
ID ELzPGDcDofrJPkp1WurDhDfo7X8HPinyw6Ls9FYGvWKX
they send 9 token but the min to sell is 10 you have to bay 1 token with the prise of 1 waves after you cant sell you all 10 tokens
My Waves Wallet 3P8QPeWNu8P1pi3QLXPwncvR4Shz9NvtrnA


The name of token
ID 2EcQyRQsoeoCTUCidBHmiJGzeSiya2EqeVe1w7nLJtrJ

My Waves Wallet 3P8QPeWNu8P1pi3QLXPwncvR4Shz9NvtrnA


So far in my knowledge, all Smart Asset are shady,
Beware of this airdrops and don’t full for the trap to make you buy for more.

Developers of this Smart Asset claim that it is not Scam since it was given free and nothing taken to you unless you take the bait to be scam by Buy Trap

If you think there is one Smart Asset that let you buy and sell or send to another wallet, you can comment below and lets see if that is not a buy trap scheme!


So far. The best Kinda-not scam token is Surge. Sure, you can’t send it but they do not dump their coin like other asset either.
I got to sell it early and earn 6 waves from it. And I lost 5 to Goldmine… that’s why I created this topic. The mechanic of minimal open order time is not really a scam but if you want to sell it, you might have to spend a lot of fees to constantly put your order up


you only made that from hype. you can’t sell the coin now or transfer to other people.


the is nobody buying the coin and you can’t send the coin to other wallets, says transfer denied that a scam, and just because you made money from hype does not mean anything, reality says you can’t transfer the coins to other wallets i attempted and the is nobody buying that right now. yet you think that’s not a scam, you got lucky. buy back into the token if that’s not a scam. lucky is all you got very lucky.just because of luck does not means that’s a not a scam. still is a scam.


i own Surge and i can’t sell the coin, i sold the coin to start with, when the was hype, the is nothing you can use Surge for, and i can’t send Surge to anyone, i attempted to like a normal coin, and that says you can’t send Surge to another wallet you don’t have this feature, that’s faulty code can’t use like a normal coin and nobody is buying the coin, that’s a scam, like all the other faulty coded smarts assets that are appearing quite dumb.

just because you sold this in a hype market, because Surge was a new concept, does not mean that’s not a scam. you should surely recognise the reality


just because you made money in a hype market, Surge needs the code rewritten because you cannot transfer even smallest amount of Surge to other wallets, i attempted to do this, can’t do that, if you wanted to buy like electronics with the ever rising price, and transfer someone some Surge you can’t even do that, that equals a scam.

because i sold then re bought thinking this will be fine, but that was not fine. i’m finding out now you can’t send Surge to people. if Surge kept going up and you could transfer Surge freely around to people that might be the opposite you can’t.


I said it’s a “kinda-not scam” in my understand is this token can scam you if you buy it right now but it is not a totally scam token like other that require you to buy more to sell.


no 100% is one, regardless if you got lucky and sold the token.


looks like we made some progress!!!


store them only not need to do more


There are many SPAM Tokens nowadays on WAVES Platform. Few SPAM Tokens are LuckyCoins, Surge, Goldmine, 1-st SilverMine, etc.

Waves Platform has become low trustable for me now, it is taking my tokens by marking it as a SPAM Token.


It was mark SPAM, perhaps it has a the same name, or somebody reported it as SPAM, just send ticket to support


Because of fraudsters, people do not believe normal coins.


It has no value (no one buys it even for 0.00000001 waves), so why you are surprised?


Are you talking about the waves-based tokens?


Surge (ID 5b3UGNZXX5srkHUQWnEWEiaVtnNWmg5aLo5uZMdjWupH)

My investigation about this token: